A New Canine Study Confirms NEM® is Effective Joint Support for Man’s Best Friend

Smiling child and his lovely dog.

We are pleased to announce a new canine study has published in the journal, Veterinary Medicine: Research & Reports, evaluating the joint health ingredient, NEM® brand eggshell membrane.

Study Background

This 6-week, multi-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted at eight different veterinary clinics to evaluate NEM’s efficacy, safety and tolerability in supporting joint function in dogs.  Fifty-one privately-owned dogs having mild to moderate sub-optimal joint function received either oral NEM®, 6 mg/lb. (~13.5 mg/kg) or placebo once daily for 6 weeks. Changes in joint function, joint comfort, and quality of life in the NEM® group versus the placebo group were evaluated by both dog owners and veterinarians via either the validated CBPI (owner assessment, 1 week & 6 weeks) or the VCSA (veterinarian assessments, 6 weeks). Additionally, changes in serum levels of the cartilage degradation biomarker, CTX-II, were also evaluated at 6 weeks.

Study Results

Results showed that supplementation with NEM® significantly supported joint comfort and improved joint function rapidly within 1 week (CBPI), and demonstrated lasting support in joint comfort (as shown by the Veterinarian’s VCSA at 6 weeks) leading to an improved quality of life (CBPI 6-week). Moreover, profound cartilage support was demonstrated following 6 weeks of supplementation with NEM® (CTX-II). There were also clinically meaningful results from a brief responder analysis, demonstrating that a significant proportion of treated dogs will receive substantial support from NEM® supplementation.

To learn more about the research supporting NEM, visit our Science Support page.


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