Smiling child and his lovely dog.

A New Canine Study Confirms NEM® is Effective Joint Support for Man’s Best Friend

We are pleased to announce a new canine study has published in the journal, Veterinary Medicine: Research & Reports, evaluating the joint health ingredient, NEM® brand eggshell membrane. Study Background This 6-week, multi-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted at eight different veterinary clinics to evaluate NEM’s efficacy, safety and tolerability in supporting joint function in dogs. […]

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First Evidence of NEM®’s Chondroprotective Support Published

Stratum Nutrition in collaboration with the Traditional & Biomedical Research Center within Daejeon University and Ju Yeong NS Co., Ltd., is pleased to announce a new research study on NEM® brand eggshell membrane has published. The study further validates NEM’s mechanism of action and reveals exciting insights on NEM’s ability to support joint health. Researchers […]

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Sherry NEM

NEM® featured on TV: Sherry Torkos recommends NEM for maintaining optimal joint health

Author and holistic pharmacist, Sherry Torkos speaks on “Exploring Natural Remedies” on WJZY-TV in Charlotte, NC. For those experiencing joint discomfort and issues with flexibility, Sherry recommends NEM® as a trusted, high-quality ingredient to help maintain optimal joint health, and it is shown to work with just 500 mg daily within 7-10 days – much […]

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NEM® eggshell membrane in Woman’s World Magazine; June 29th issue on newsstands now!

NEM® brand eggshell membrane is mentioned in the latest issue of Woman’s World Magazine.  NEM is referred to as “eggshell extract” on the cover that can help joints, with an article including NEM featured on page 16.  The article looks at the 2 open label human clinical trials published in Clinical Interventions in Aging in 2009*, […]

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Baby Boomers – doing our best to keep our bodies young

As far as I know, no one has found that mysterious Fountain of Youth. I’ve seen (even touched) many fountains, but not a one of them has done anything to turn back the wrinkles appearing on my face. Keeping our bodies mobile and flexible is also important for feeling young. It’s much easier nowadays to […]

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May is Joint Health Awareness Month

May is the perfect time to do a “joint health check”… how have your joints felt through the winter? Feeling any occasional stiffness or discomfort?  There are steps that can be taken to help support and maintain joint comfort and flexibility. All month long, we’ve been offering tips (from WebMD) on our Facebook and Twitter […]

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NEM®, Good for Joints… and the Earth!

Today, we celebrate the 45th annual Earth Day! The foundation of our company was built on the principle of sustainability. This company was developed out of a vision to find the best possible way to use the eggshell in its entirety: from that, NEM® was born. NEM’s story begins in the Midwestern heartland, where one […]

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Different eggshell membrane ingredients are not created equal – they are actually very different materials

Different eggshell membrane ingredients are NOT created equal.  Some eggshell membrane ingredients are made with a harsh chemical process destroying the natural structure of the membrane.  NEM® brand eggshell membrane is separated using a steam process, followed by gentle processing that helps preserve the natural constituents of the membrane.  Naturally occurring nutrients in the eggshell […]

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March is National Nutrition Month! Important: what nutrition are you providing your joints?

March is National Nutrition Month! Are you concerned that your body’s getting the right nutrition? Food is the key source to nutrition, but let’s face it – we rarely get all the nutrition we need from food alone. This is where vitamins and supplements come into play. It can be overwhelming with so many multivitamins […]

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Springtime is on the way! Are you getting itchy to get outside & get ACTIVE?

Whether it feels like it or not, Springtime is getting ready to peek its head up over our snow-covered hills.  Everyone is getting itchy to get outside and get ACTIVE. Are YOU ready to shake off that occasional winter stiffness and joint discomfort?  Many joint supplement users are ready for a NEW joint health ingredient […]

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