Q1: How many eggs does it take to make one 500 mg capsule of NEM® brand eggshell membrane?

A1: It takes about one dozen eggs depending on the size of eggs used.  Eggshell membrane is only about 10% of the weight of the eggshell, and the eggshell is only about 10% of the total weight of an egg.  Separating all of those eggs is a challenge, and so a special machine was invented to do the job so that enough NEM® could be produced to meet demand.


Q2: How long should I use NEM®?

A2: In studies, people took NEM® for up to 60 days with no ill effects.  However, the safety of NEM® was studied in animals at up to 50X the human equivalent dose for 90 days, again with no ill effects.  So there is no reason to believe that NEM® cannot be taken for as long as needed.


Q3: Is a single dose of NEM® enough?

A3: One small 500 mg capsule per day has been shown to be effective, but some people have described even better results with two capsules per day.


Q4: Should NEM® be taken on an empty stomach or with food?

A4: NEM® can be taken either on an empty stomach or with food. It is recommended to take NEM® just before having breakfast each day.


Q5: Can NEM® be taken with other dietary supplements?

A5: Yes, absolutely.  To date, no adverse interactions have been found with NEM® and other dietary supplements.  There may even be some synergies between NEM® and other joint health supplements like those containing glucosamine and/or chondroitin.


Q6: NEM® comes from eggs, will it raise my cholesterol levels?

A6: The vast majority of cholesterol found in eggs is contained in the egg yolk.  Eggshell membrane has only trace amounts of cholesterol which would be an insignificant source of cholesterol in the typical diet.


Q7: Are all eggshell membrane ingredients for joint health basically the same ingredient?

A7: Different eggshell membrane ingredients are NOT created equal.  Some eggshell membrane ingredients are made with a harsh chemical process destroying the natural structure of the membrane.  NEM® brand eggshell membrane is separated using a steam process, followed by gentle processing that helps preserve the natural constituents of the membrane.  Naturally occurring nutrients in the eggshell membrane, such as hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans, collagen and other beneficial proteins, remain in the finished ingredient, NEM®.  Not to mention NEM® has more published studies for efficacy and safety than any other eggshell membrane ingredient.


Q8: Can I find NEM® anywhere besides in the U.S.?

A8: Yes, NEM® is sold in nearly a dozen countries around the world, including Canada, England, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, & the Philippines.


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